What’s New?!

What’s New?!

US EPA 1998 Jobs Through Recycling Case Study, 6/02

This case study is the result of the Jobs Through Recycling (JTR) collaboration between MFF and the California Integrated Waste Management Board. The project was funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The goal of the JTR program was to bring together the economic development and recycling communities through financial incentives — including grants —with a variety of technical assistance, networking and information sharing in order to create an eco-industrial park.

NEW FACTSHEETS: Alternative Methods for Recycling, Processing and Handling CRTs

CRT Glass-to-Glass Recycling, 9/01
CRT Smelting, 1/02
E-Waste Contracting Agreements, 6/02
Electronics Recycling End Markets, coming soon…

Sponsored by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority and the
Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board.

Deconstruction Mini-Grant Case Studies

MFF has produced five case studies highlighting deconstruction projects that received funds from an MFF/EPA mini-grant program. Download ’em today.

Community Woodworks

Visit CW’s brand new web site for product information and pricing!!

California Cities Take Action Against E-Waste

On June 25, 2001 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution to introduce and support legislation requiring computer and electronics producers to take responsibility for reuse and recycling of their products.

Recently, several California based environmental groups released a new report entitled “Poison PCs and Toxic TVs: California’s biggest environmental crisis you never heard of.” It is available on both the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and the Californian’s Against Waste web sites.
There have also been several news stories about the report and also about the fact that city council representatives in San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles aer introducing resolutions calling on the California legislature to pass EPR legislation:

San Francisco Chronicle
San Jose Mercury
Sacramento Bee
ABC News with Peter Jennings

Read about the Electronics Take it Back! Platform.

Business Opportunities Guide Blow-Out!!!

MFF’s popular publication, Manufacturing with Reused and Recycled Materials: Fifty Small Business Opportunities, is now available at the bargain price of $30 per copy! Order today!

New Electronics Recycling Factsheets

MFF has begun publishing a series of updates highlighting electronics recycling events taking place in California. The first editon of “The Monitor of California Municipal Electronics Collections” covers programs and events that have taken place in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Napa. Download copy.