What We Do

What We Do

We have an odd niche. Few organizations in the country focus on market development as a way of promoting recycling. Fewer still tackle job creation as well. While this is a challenging endeavor, we are extremely fortunate in that very interesting opportunities arise as we look to fulfill both the environmental and the community development goals that are a part of our mission. The following programs and projects are our current efforts to bring our purpose into a reality.
Deconstruction & Community Woodworks
Deconstruction is the art of dismantling buildings rather than demolishing them; of salvaging useful and often valuable materials for reuse or remanufacture rather than sending them to the landfill.
Community Woodworks, based in Oakland, CA, is the first mill in the US that exclusively remills reclaimed lumber while providing job training for low-income individuals.

Recycling Jobs Study
Quantifies the economic impact that recycling has on Alameda County, CA’s economy.

Revolving Loan Fund
These low interest loans target to recycling and waste reduction businesses in Alameda County, CA.

Technical & Business Assistance
Helping entrepreneurs & nonprofits start recycling, reuse, and reduction-based manufacturing enterprises.

Western Recycling Investment Forums
Matching investors interested in environmentally responsible investing with recycling-based businesses in need of equity financing.